WebDelegator™ September 16, 2019



About WebDelegator

WebDelegator is a server solution that permits a collection of web servers to be hosted on a single IP address. This is accomplished by binding to the HTTP service port on the single IP address, just like an ordinary web server. However, when a connection arrives, the request is handled by creating another connection to a specific web server from a group of servers.

The decision about which web server to target is determined by evaluating the domain name specified in the host header field of the initial request. This design allows multiple web servers to be associated with a particular IPv4 address, which are a valued resource these days.

Since an additional connection is established, it always appears to the web server that the caller is the WebDelegator software. To resolve this situation, the IP address of the originator is appended to the referer header field of the forwarded requests. This ensures no information is lost in translation.

WebDelegator includes an administrative web interface. This allows a web browser to be used to configure the web server mappings, and control which clients are permitted to connect. It also allows the monitoring of the internal operation of the software, by displaying connection / data transfer statistics, and an activity log.

The administrative web interface can optionally integrate with Internet Information Services (IIS) to take advantage of its advanced security capabilities.

You may download a free 30-day trial of WebDelegator here:

webdelegator.zip  (Version 1.0 - Build 53)